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Director of Democracy and Justice Programme

Sopho is the member of the Board of Directors and leads the organization with the directors of other programmes. Sopho became the member of the EMC team in September 2013 and currently she is the director of the Democracy and Justice programme. The aim of the programme is to promote the establishment of a fair justice system with a high degree of social sensitivity. With this aim, the programme aims to advocate systemic reforms in the court, law-enforcing organs and the security sector. As a programme director, Sopho Verdzdeuli is responsible for planning policies, strategies, positioning, and implementing them with the rest of the programme team. Moreover, she is also responsible for mobilising financial resources for the programme, coordinating and supporting the programme team.  

Professional Experience

2013-2015: Project Coordinator - EMC;

2012-2013: Coordinator of the Judicial System Reform project - Georgian Lawyers for the Independent Profession (GLIP);

2009-2012: During this period, she held various positions – (Lawyer, Project Coordinator and Parliamentary Secretary) - at Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA).

Sophie has authored/led up to 10 studies concerning the independence of the judiciary, drug-policy, political neutrality of the police and institutional organization of law enforcement agencies.


2010-2012: International Law (MA) - Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA);

2006-2010: The faculty of law (BA) - Tbilisi State University.






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  • უკან დასაბრუნებლად გამოიყენება ღილაკები „shift+tab“
  • სათაურებზე გადასვლის მიზნით გამოიყენება ღილაკი „h“, ხოლო „shift+h“ ასევე უკან დასაბრუნებლად
  • ტექსტის შეყვანის ველებში ნავიგაციის მიზნით გამოიყენება ღილაკი „e“
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  • ღილაკი “b” ღილაკებს შორის ნავიგაციას ემსახურება
  • „l“ გამოიყენება ბმულებს შორის ნავიგაციისთვის