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Senior Research Fellow

Maia cooperates with EMC since its inception. In 2016 she joined EMC as a researcher and project coordinator. Her main tasks include planning, execution and supervision of the ongoing research projects. Maia is also responsible for writing blogs and opinion pieces on current social and political issues, conceptualizing and organizing EMC’s public discussions and forums, organizing and conducting workshops and trainings with various oppressed groups, communicating with activist groups and researchers, and planning, monitoring and implementing projects.

Academic interests: postcolonial studies, gender studies, social movements, Orientalism and muslim community, Modern Indian history and politics, politics of care and neoliberalism,(unpaid) labor and gender, politics of time.

Work Experience

2015-to present: Invited Lecturer - Institute of Gender Studies-  Tbilisi State University;

2016: Visiting Research Fellow (OSF/WEF), International Gender Studies Centre, Lady Margaret Hall - University of Oxford;

2015: Project Coordinator, Platform for Civic Activism - EMC;

2012-2014: Research Fellow  ASCN Research Project - Center for Social Sciences;

2012: Junior Research Fellow - Center for Social Sciences.

Maia has also participated as an independent researcher in many local and international research projects.


2010-2015: An International Ph.D. in Gender Studies, Center for Social Sciences - Tbilisi State University;

2008-2010: Modern Indian History - Jawaharlal Nehru University (MA);

2003-2008: Oriental Studies (Indian History and Hindi language, BA) - Institute of Practical Oriental Studies.





Project Coordinator/Researcher

Tamuna became the member of EMC in 2015. Her main functions in the organisation are planning and implementing the research activities regarding the social justice, labor, industrial policy and civil activism as well as preparing analytical articles and blogs. Her duties and responsibilities also include preparation the conceptions and organisation of the public discussion and forums. Moreover, her function is to hold trainings and working meetings with various social groups and conducting field works with them. She is also responsible for communication and cooperation with the activist groups and the people involved in the research activities of the organisation. Project management and coordination are in her duties as well.

Professional Experience

2014-2015: Assistant-Researcher of the project “Researches about inter-ethnic relations and inter-group cooperation”;

2012-2014: Logistics and Strategic Manager at the private company;

2011-2016: She worked on the educational-university projects that included translation of texts, fulfilment of the desk research tasks, participation in development of the guidelines of the questionnaires as well as analyzing the collected data.


2016-Present: Doctoral Student of the faculty of history at Ilia State University;

2014-2015: Sociology - Ilia State University (MA);

2013-2014: Economics at ISET School of Economics (MA);

2009-2012: Business Administration - Ilia State University (BA);

2007-2009: Management and Marketing - American-Humanitarian University (BA).




  • საიტზე წინ მოძრაობისთვის უნდა გამოიყენოთ ღილაკი „tab“
  • უკან დასაბრუნებლად გამოიყენება ღილაკები „shift+tab“
  • სათაურებზე გადასვლის მიზნით გამოიყენება ღილაკი „h“, ხოლო „shift+h“ ასევე უკან დასაბრუნებლად
  • ტექსტის შეყვანის ველებში ნავიგაციის მიზნით გამოიყენება ღილაკი „e“
  • სიითი ტიპის გვერდებზე ნავიგაციის მიზნით გამოიყენება ღილაკი „l“
  • ღილაკი “b” ღილაკებს შორის ნავიგაციას ემსახურება
  • „l“ გამოიყენება ბმულებს შორის ნავიგაციისთვის