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EMC, along with the Heinrich Boell Foudnation South Caucasus Office, with the financial support of the EU, has since 2015 been implementing a three-year project – “LGBT Solidarity Network Between Georgia and Armenia”. The said project was regional and in its implementation also involved were – Womens’ Initiatives Support Group (WISG) in Georgia and in Arenia – Society Without Violence, as well as Public Information and Necessity of Knowledge (PINK). The project aimed to overcome homophobia/transphobia by raising public awareness, promoting media visibility, mobilizing the society and supporting the movements for human rights’ protection. The project also included implementing an all-encompassing and hitherto unprecedented study of public perceptions towards LGBT persons, as well as situational analysis of existing conditions, among them, assessing the provision of certain services to LGBT persons. Both the study and the situational analysis have provided a foundation for the formulation of a long-term, evidence-based advocacy project. In the framework of the project, EMC intensively cooperated with law-enforcing organs with the aim of analysing approaches towards crimes motivated by hatred and discrimination and to implant practices based on human rights and the idea of equality.