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About Organization

Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) is a membership based organization, which unites human rights and civil activists with different professional backgrounds. It represents an open platform of civic and human rights activists; everyone who shares the declared values of EMC has a possibility to use this sort of resource. Since its establishment on 28 November 2012, EMC works in human rights field inter alia on the protection of rights of socially vulnerable, marginalized and discriminated groups, systemic reform of the law enforcement bodies, the institutionalized violence and social oppression. The key beneficiaries of the organization are socially vulnerable homeless persons, employees working in poor conditions, persons with disabilities, LGBT and religious groups. In its activities, EMC uses research, monitoring, advocacy and raising awareness. EMC work encompasses three main directions implemented by: Civic and Political Rights Program; Social Rights Program; Institutional Reform Support Program. In addition, one of the prioritized directions of EMC’s activity is the support of young civic activists’ platform, which aims to create alternative thinking space and to support the organized civic activists and students groups. EMC has a horizontal structure managed by three program directors jointly, with direct and active involvement of the stuff members. Essential issues of the organization are decided by EMC team by consensus. Nowadays, EMC brings together 19 people with backgrounds in law, sociology, journalism and gender, as well as several contributors of various professions. Their joint work is addressed to the achievement of EMC’s declared goals.


  • საიტზე წინ მოძრაობისთვის უნდა გამოიყენოთ ღილაკი „tab“
  • უკან დასაბრუნებლად გამოიყენება ღილაკები „shift+tab“
  • სათაურებზე გადასვლის მიზნით გამოიყენება ღილაკი „h“, ხოლო „shift+h“ ასევე უკან დასაბრუნებლად
  • ტექსტის შეყვანის ველებში ნავიგაციის მიზნით გამოიყენება ღილაკი „e“
  • სიითი ტიპის გვერდებზე ნავიგაციის მიზნით გამოიყენება ღილაკი „l“
  • ღილაკი “b” ღილაკებს შორის ნავიგაციას ემსახურება
  • „l“ გამოიყენება ბმულებს შორის ნავიგაციისთვის